7 Hour SAFE Core: MLO Continuing Education Course (#12585)

Course Access: Lifetime
Course Overview

SAFE 7 Hour Core: MLO Continuing Education Course [Course #12585]

Course Format: Online Self-paced
Credit Hours: 7 Hours CE
NMLS Approval #12585

The 7 Hour SAFE Core:  MLO Continuing Education course is approved by NMLSR  and contains federal law, ethics, non-traditional mortgage guidance along with pertinent information meeting all requirements associated with continuing education as outlined in the SAFE Act of 2008.

    • Three (3) hours of Federal law and regulations;
    • Two (2) hours of ethics, which shall include instruction on fraud, consumer protection, and fair lending standards;
    • Two (2) hours of training related to lending standards of the nontraditional mortgage product marketplace;

Course Overview

The 7 Hour Core  Continuing Education Course is conducted in an online self-study setting. Students are able to move through online timed courses at their own learning pace. Upon class enrollment, students receive a confirmation email to include login information and technology requirements to begin the course. 

Note: This course only covers the federal core requirements. To be
compliant with meeting the required 8 hours of annual continuing education you
will also need to complete one hour of elective content that can be satisfied
by any NMLS approved state-specific elective, or any other 1-hour NMLS approved
elective continuing education course.

The following topics are covered in this course:

    • Home Mortgage Disclosure Act;
    • Equal Credit Opportunity Act;
    • Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act;
    • Ethics;
    • Fraud, Consumer Protection, and Fair Lending Issues;
    • Nontraditional Mortgage Products;

Note to All Students:  This is a brand new 7-hour course and can be taken by all existing or new students without violating the NMLS’ successive year rule.  

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