8 Hour SAFE Comprehensive: MLO Continuing Education Continuing Education Webinar (#12674) (12/09/2021)

Course Access: Lifetime
Course Overview

SAFE8 Webinar (#12674) 12/09/2021 11AM EST-5:45PM EST

The 8 Hour
SAFE Comprehensive:  MLO Continuing
Education Course Webinar is approved
by the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System (NMLS) as course #12674 and
contains federal law, ethics, non-traditional mortgage guidance along with
pertinent information meeting all requirements associated with continuing
education as outlined in the SAFE Act of 2008.
This course upon successful completion meets the following requirements:

    • Three (3) hours of
      federal law and regulations;
    • Two (2) hours of
      ethics, which shall include instruction on fraud, consumer protection, and fair
      lending standards;
    • Two (2) hours of
      training related to lending standards of the nontraditional mortgage product
      marketplace; and
    • One (1) hour of


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