CATEGORY: SAFE20 Online Instructor-Led Courses (OIL)

SAFE 20 Online Instructor-Led (OIL) Comprehensive Fundamentals of Mortgage Education (#2945) (02-08_02-15-2022)

Course Access: Lifetime
Course Overview

SAFE 20 Hour OIL SAFE Comprehensive Fundamentals of
Mortgage PE [Course #2945] 01/05/2022_01/12/2022

Course Format: OIL (Online Instructor Led)
Credit Hours: 20 PE Credits
NMLS Approval #2945

This online instructor led pre-licensing education course is
approved by the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System (NMLS) approval #2945 and
meets the twenty (20) hours of required pre-licensure requirements as
established under the Secure and Fair Enforcement for Mortgage Licensing Act of
2008 (SAFE Act) education as course approval of the required twenty (20) hours
of education approved by the NMLS.

The course content meets the pre-licensing education requirement
of the SAFE Act of 2008 to include:

    • Three
      (3) hours of federal law and regulations;
    • Three
      (3) hours of ethics, which shall include instruction on fraud, consumer
      protection and fair lending issues;
    •  Two
      (2) hours of training related to lending standards for the nontraditional
      mortgage product marketplace;
    • Twelve
      (12) hours of electives;

The SAFE 20 pre-licensing comprehensive
online self-study course is delivered in 12 modules of content over a scheduled
start and end time.  The course will open at 12PM EST on the day the
course is scheduled to begin and will stay open for 7 consecutive days, closing
at 12PM EST on the day the course is schedule to end.  You will have
access to your course, interactive exercises, practice quizzes and discussion
assignments via an online connection for the whole 7 days.

This course provides text, video, audio, quizzes, case
studies, and assignments. Instruction is focused between instructor and
student interaction and student-to-student interaction through the use of our
thought-provoking course discussions. As required by the NMLS, the course is
timed, and ends with students completing a survey and final exam, which is also
known as the end of course assessment. Students will be required to
complete all assignments in order to receive credit for completing the course
and are encouraged to seek the advice of their instructor.

In addition to the Online
Course, the cost of this course also includes an ungraded practice test, a
graded practice test, and content covering the Uniform State Test (UST).
It is unnecessary to purchase the SAFE20 materials separately.
Furthermore, your instructor will  provide you with a 10-day study plan that will
help you prepare for the National Exam!