SAFE20 Practice Test Ungraded

The Ungraded practice test will ask 100 questions.  In this format you will answer the question
and check your answer by hitting the “Check Answer” hyperlink below
the question box. By checking your answer, you will see if you answered the
question correctly, as well as the correct answer to the question.  Once you have checked your answer you may
move on to the next question. At the end of the practice test you will again be
presented with a list of the questions that you missed, along with what answer
you choose and the correct answer to the question.

Uniform State Test Study Guide & Practice Test

The Uniform State Test Study Guide & Practice Exam will cover about an hour of Uniform State Content and will be followed by a practice test of 25 questions. A score of 70% or greater must be achieved in order to receive a passing score.

SAFE20 Practice Test Graded

The graded practice test will ask 100 questions. A passing score for this graded practice is 70% or greater. Upon completion you will receive a report of the questions you missed, which will help you decipher what areas of study you may need more focus on. Please note that this is solely study material and no course credit will be received for its completion.