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The Federal SAFE MLO Test is arguably one of the toughest exams to pass on the first attempt. Based on stats from the NMLS, historically this test has a first time pass rate of 57%, and a 44% pass rate for subsequent attempts, nationally!

Unlike other education providers, all of our SAFE 20 Pre-licensing courses always include test preparation materials at no extra charge. Our team is always available to help you with studying and helpful suggestions. No provider can promise you'll pass this difficult test on the first try, give you the answers to the exact exam questions, or even a list of the questions... By using our proven study plans our students tackle test day with knowledge and confidence.

Some students have already taken the course and just need additional study material or the option to take refresher courses. For those students we offer our Test Prep PLUS Package.

Federal SAFE Test Prep PLUS Package

With our Test Prep PLUS Package, students looking to successfully pass the exam can get the ultimate study package separate from the 20 Hour pre-licensing course.  Note: This is not a SAFE 20 Hour course, you will not get pre-licensing credit for time spent in this study package. Click here if you need to complete the required 20 hours of Federal SAFE pre-licensing education

This study package includes:

The Ungraded Review Practice Test uses a pool of over 220 questions to create a random review. This will allow you to answer each question and check to see if you answer it correctly before moving one.

The Graded Review Practice Test pulls from the same question pool as the Ungraded Review, however the questions are scored to simulate a test environment. Once you have completed the Graded Review you’ll be able to identify deficient areas to help you study.

The Uniform State Test (UST) portion of the Federal SAFE MLO Test consists of 25 of the 125 questions.  We target key topics of the UST that prepare you for questions you’ll likely face during this portion of the test.

Learn how to break down the SAFE test outline with this genius video lesson. 

You get both graded and ungraded simulated exams that utilize a large pool of questions based on the topics of the SAFE test outline.  The questions are presented in a manner that mimics the question style of the actual SAFE test.

The Ungraded exam allows you to answer the questions and check to see if you answered correctly.

The Graded exam only provides feedback at the end of the exam as a summary including the questions you missed. This allows you to better identify areas of deficiency and build a better study plan.

The Test Prep PLUS Package also includes our almost famous flashcards! This awesome study tool provides over 300 factual question/answer pairs to help you learn acronyms, important dates, percentages, from the following topics (and more):

  • Loan Origination Activity
  • General Mortgage Knowledge
  • Federal Law and Ethics
  • Lending Standards
  • Non-traditional Mortgage Product Marketplace


All students who purchase our Test Prep PLUS Package can request as many practice tests as they would like at no extra charge, and you may re-take the 20 hour course (webinar or online instructor-led) as a refresher for FREE until you feel prepared to take the exam.

As we mentioned above, the Test Prep PLUS Package is not a 20 Hour pre-licensing course. It is a package that compliments our 20 Hour webinar and online instructor-led courses. If you have not yet taken the required 20 Hour pre-licensing course click here!

Test Prep PLUS Package Product Image

Get the Test Prep PLUS Package if you’ve already completed the SAFE 20 Hour course, or as an addon to the SAFE 20 Hour course, to unlock all of the additional benefits listed above.
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Federal SAFE 20 MLO Test Flashcards Product Image

Just looking for a little extra help with your study plan? Our Flashcards are a great tool for learning acronyms, important dates, percentages, and other factual information that may be asked about during the Federal SAFE 20  MLO Test.
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