Compliance & Courses

Compliance, not just another good idea!

From the Federal Consumer Protection Act Laws to the CFPB, FTC, FinCEN and State governing bodies there are many regulatory hurdles you must master!  As a Mortgage Broker or Lender you have a responsibility to properly train your entire staff, NOT JUST YOUR MLO’S!  With our individual compliance course menu you may choose from the following courses or we can help you customize an entire Compliance Management Training Plan with our our exclusive MyComplianCE program.  In addition, our team can assist with developing written Policies and Procedures, Independent AML testing and more for your growing mortgage company. Let us show you how to meet your regulatory obligations, save money and earn Free NMLS CE in the process. 

Make sure your entire staff is covered with the proper training.

With our Compliance Pack Course you can get everything you need in one convenient bundle that meets all of your required training while saving money on your NMLS required education for your MLOs!

GLB Safeguard Rule Plan Development and Penetration Testing

Did you know that as a non bank institution you are required to have a written Safeguards program?  Did you also know that if the FTC walked in your door and you were unable to produce this plan, the fines are currently up to $43,000 per day! 

According to Federal Regulations, Mortgage companies must not only have a Safeguard Plan but also a written information security program (cybersecurity) and provide for independent annual penetration testing or have a monitored plan in place to safeguard customer  information.

Failure to comply could cost you in an audit. Unfortunately, many mortgage companies are consistently deficient in this area causing undue hardship on their organization. The FTC has raised the fine for a data breach to $100,000 as of June 2023 which makes the required Annual Penetration Test even more important! 

If you would like to discuss our Safeguard program writing or independent testing services reach out and schedule a one on one meeting. Our team can walk you through the process, schedule you for a Penetration Test, supply you with a final written plan and any required training.

Even if you have an existing plan, you may want to take our online plan assessment top make sure you are covered.  In addition, we can set you up with the annual required penetration testing to help uncover potential breaches in your current systems. 

Right now, we have access to a $2m grant to provide the Pen test at no cost – do this before our grant runs out! Call our office and speak with a team member at 317 566 0425

AML Independent Testing

Did you know that in addition to having a written AML plan that there is also a requirement  to perform annual independent testing for your mortgage companies AML program?  It’s true! 

According to Federal Regulations Mortgage  companies must provide for independent testing to monitor and maintain an adequate program, including testing to determine compliance of the company’s agents and brokers with their obligations under the program. The scope and frequency of the testing shall be commensurate with the risks posed by the company’s products and services.

Failure to comply could cost you in a State Audit as well as a Federal Audit and unfortunately, many mortgage companies are consistently deficient in this area causing undue hardship on their organization.

If you would like to discuss our independent testing services or need help with policies and procedures for AML or other important policies like a proper SAFEGUARD PLAN, reach out and schedule a one on one meeting. 

Our team can assess your existing policies, procedures and written plans and help uncover deficiencies as well as provide an action plan to get you back on track.