20 Hour Pre-License Course for Mortgage Loan Originators

Looking to get your MLO License? We Can Help!

Want to become a licensed Mortgage Loan Originator? We have helped countless individuals achieve their dreams of becoming MLOs with our comprehensive pre-license education courses. To get started, follow these three steps to complete your NMLS Approved pre-license education, obtain your NMLS ID number, and pass the National Exam using our Test Prep Plus guarantee.

Complete the Required 20 hr Pre-License Education Course: Federal law requires all new mortgage loan originators to complete a 20-hour pre-license education course. At My Mortgage Trainer, we offer a comprehensive course that covers everything you need to know to pass the National Exam with flying colors. Our experienced instructors will guide you through the material and make sure you are fully prepared for the exam.

Obtain an NMLS ID Number: To become a licensed Mortgage Loan Originator. Don’t have one? No worries, we can assist you with the process here.

Pass the National Exam : The final step in becoming a licensed Mortgage Loan Originator is to pass the National Exam with a minimum score of 75%. Don’t worry, we have you covered. Our pre-license education course is designed to fully prepare you for the exam, and our test prep plus guarantee ensures that we will support you until you pass.

Our well-trained staff is here to help. Contact us at 317-566-0425 to learn more about our pre-license education course, or view our course options below and order online. If you’re seeking licensure in an additional state, or you’ve had a gap in licensure, give us a call to discuss your particular requirements with one of our education specialists who will walk you through.  

There are 2 course options to choose from. Although we HIGHLY recommend the 3 day webinar, your current schedule may require more flexibility.

Click on the option below and watch a short video on how that course design works.

Hear From A Newly Licensed MLO on Whether the Mortgage Business Is right For You:

Individual State Pre License Education

1 hour PE requirement

2 hour PE requirement

3 hour PE requirement

4 hour PE requirement

5 hour PE requirement

No PE requirement

To license in a state there may be additional state law PE courses ranging from 1 hour to 5 hours above the 20 hour Federal education requirement.  These courses are purchased separately and must be completed prior to license approval. 

If you’re already licensed and seeking licensure in a state with an additional PE requirement you only need to complete the PE course for that state prior to applying for your license as long as your current license is active. Depending on when you took your 20 hour course, some states do have a 3 year requirement and may require you to retake the 20 hr course before obtaining a state license.

Federal 20 hour PE is required for all new mortgage loan originators. In some cases the NMLS may require an MLO to re-take the 20 hour course. If you’re seeking licensure in an additional state, or you’ve had a gap in licensure, give us a call to discuss your particular requirements with our of our education specialists! 

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