Pre-licensing Education (PE)

PE is required for those seeking new federal or state licenses not renewals

SAFE 20 Hour Pre-licensing

SAFE Pre-licensing Education for MLOs

Federal 20 hour PE is required for all new mortgage loan originators. In some cases the NMLS may require an MLO to re-take the 20 hour course. If you're seeking licensure in an additional state, or you've had a gap in licensure, give us a call to discuss your particular requirements with our of our education specialists!

Individual State PE

1 hour PE requirement

2 hour PE requirement

3 hour PE requirement

4 hour PE requirement

5 hour PE requirement

No PE requirement

If you’re an new MLO seeking licensure in a state that has an additional PE requirement, you’ll need to complete the PE course for that state in addition to the 20 hour federal PE course. 

If you’re already federally licensed and seeking licensure in a state with an additional PE requirement you only need to complete the PE course for that state prior to applying for your license as long as your federal license is currently active.

State Pre-license Courses

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