MLO License Education Requirements in Illinois

Overview of MLO License Education Requirements in Illinois

Let’s explore the MLO license education requirements in Illinois. Aspiring MLO’s in Illinois must complete 20 hours of NMLS-approved education. This comprehensive education encompasses 3 hours of federal law, 3 hours of ethics (addressing fraud, consumer protection, and fair lending), 2 hours of non-traditional mortgage lending, and 12 hours of elective education.

State-Specific MLO License Education Requirements in Illinois

Illinois does not impose any additional state-specific continuing education requirements beyond the initial 20 hours of SAFE education. Once you complete the 20 hours of SAFE education, you are ready to take your exam without needing any further education.

Application Process

In addition to completing pre-licensing education requirements in Illinois, you will also need to pass the National MLO Exam and undergo a criminal background check before licensing. Utilize the Illinois MLO Application Checklist provided by the NMLS to assist you in the application process. 

View the Illinois Application Checklist

At a Glance

  • NMLS Approved Education: 20 Hours
  • IL State Specific Education: None
  • IL License Application Fee: $200.00
  • NMLS Processing Fee: $30
  • Credit Report Fee: $15.00
  • Criminal Background Check Fee: $36.25

Get Started With SAFE 20 Hour Education

MLO applicants in Illinois are required to complete 20 hours of NMLS approved SAFE education prior to licensure. My Mortgage Trainer offers a range of format options for the 20-hour course to cater to your study needs and accommodate your schedule. Start your path to MLO licensure in Illinois today by choosing us as your training provider. View our course and test preparation options here.

Additional Info on Requirements for Becoming a Licensed MLO in Illinois

To meet the Pre-licensing Requirements for Illinois, you need to pass the NMLS National MLO Exam and obtain your NMLS ID Number. To help you navigate these crucial steps, we have curated a collection of informative short videos below. These videos will guide you through obtaining your NMLS ID, scheduling the exam, and offer valuable tips for excelling with confidence. By watching these videos, you can ensure thorough preparation and meet the pre-licensing requirements for Illinois effectively. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel for more great tips and industry-related news!