Most believe that digital marketing is about ads but the truth is, once you blow your budget, your ad is no longer affective.  That’s why content is the best long term strategy!

if you are not building and producing content to get your message out to a larger audience you are missing a key piece of your lead generation strategy. Yes, we have heard the excuses for ‘why’ and it usually boils down to 4 main reasons:

1.) They don’t know how to get started
2.) They don’t feel they have the content
3.) They don’t feel they have the charisma
4.) Its too costly
Look, we get it, and we can get you over all 4 hurdles!   No more excuses invest a very small amount in yourself – you’re worth it!

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Here is what we can do for you!

New Channels

Build Your YouTube Channel from the ground up!
  • Creation of your Own YouTube Channel – No charge as part of the package
  • Build custom branding, settings, descriptions and keyword tips for optimization 
  • Promotional Video/ Interview style for use on your own social media campaigns (additional videos fall under Plan B) 
  • Audience growth plan, how to share your videos with a larger specific market and grow your channel
  • Training on content development, learn how to create a steady stream of content ideas for consistent delivery by leveraging AI ( artificial Intelligence) to create timely and relevant content with ease
  • Training on how to create future videos using our HITS method which stands for Hook, Intro, Topic, Special Offer- 
  • Training on how to create custom Thumbnails 
  • Posting of Video(s) on our Consumer Site with back links to your application or contact page 

This package includes everything you need to start a successful channel as well as the coaching and nurturing needed to make it a success.  This package has an extremely high value yet has an introductory price of only $349 using our Jumpstart program. 

Bonus Add on: Use our annual Channel Management package and we will upload/edit 12 total videos to your channel for only $1,791.00 

To Recap:  Get started for as little as $349 or make a full commitment for a 12 video series, channel management and training on how to maximize your opportunities for a total of $2,140.   That breaks down to only $178 per video….we dare you to find a better way to build your personal brand.  Reach out and let us help you!

Channel Management

Editing, Uploading and Optimizing Videos!

Once your Channel is in place our team will help you manage your content by editing, creating custom thumbnails and posting your videos on your behalf.  You can pay as you go or for only $199 a month we will edit and upload your monthly videos for you. Don’t like monthly payments?  Neither do we, so pay for 9 and get 12 – Now that’s a great deal!  Want to post more than 12 per year?  Additional videos are only $279.

Already have a channel? Use our team to professionally edit your video content and create your thumbnails for only $279 each.  Want a promo video for use on your page? Promo videos are set as an interview based style on the topic you want to promote or discuss.  You may use this interview in your own social media marketing and we will even post the video on all of our platforms to help you get more looks. Investment is $379 per promotional video.  This package includes editing, custom thumbnail, and embedded contact information for video of 10 minutes or less.

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