4 Hour NV SAFE: Understanding Nevada Mortgage Law On-line Self-Study Pre-Licensing Education [Course #10939]

Course Format

My Mortgage Trainer, Inc. conducts this 4 Hour NV SAFE: Understanding Nevada Mortgage Law pre-licensing education course in an online setting. Students can progress through online courses at their own learning pace. Utilizing their Learning Management System (LMS), which supports multiple browsers, My Mortgage Trainer, Inc. delivers the course. Additionally, the course comprises four (4) modules of content and is accessible at any time. To enhance comprehension, case studies and practice quizzes are incorporated into the course. Following NMLS requirements, the class concludes with a final exam and survey. Upon enrolling in the class, participants receive a confirmation email containing login information to initiate the course. Upon logging in, participants must read and acknowledge the ROC’s agreement and confirm their identity through bio-signature to proceed with the online course.

4 Hour NV SAFE Course Topics

This course will cover key topics such as the Nevada Division of Mortgage Lending, Nevada License Law and Regulation, Compliance, and Disciplinary Action. By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand how the enacted Nevada SAFE Act provisions thoroughly evaluate licensee eligibility.
  • Grasp the licensing, testing, and educational requirements of holding a Nevada license.
  • Be aware of the strict prohibitions enacted to protect Nevada consumers.
  • Acquaint yourself with the compliance, disclosure, and advertising requirements associated with holding a license.

For more on Nevada Education Requirements, Visit: NV Education Notice