Check out this message from our CEO on how a Webinar works and scroll down to see our available dates:

The Best Way To Get the Results You Want!

My Mortgage Trainer offers webinars on regular intervals starting on Mondays and ending on Wednesdays. Webinars always start at 11am EST and run until 5:40 pm EST with a fantastic live instructor!

  • Login from your location on the day of the webinar 
  • A webcam is needed, as well as a solid internet connection 
  • Instructor will build and provide study notes each day for students to easily review material in a user friendly way 
  • Don’t be fooled – Other providers sell you exam preparation materials for up to $199 additional fee but My Mortgage Trainer Includes their Study Guide, Study Plan and Additional Practice Exam Material In This Course
  • Our Students Report a MUCH HIGHER Average Pass Rate than the posted National Average

Keep in mind as of June 2022 all participants must have a webcam and show themselves from the shoulders up at all times per new NMLS rules! Students will not be on display to other students for entire show but must be on camera for Instructor or Instructors Proctor to verify attendance. Furthermore, lack of compliance with the video requirement will result in removal from the course with no credit being received.

Need Additional Reasons to Use My Mortgage Trainer?

We are the ONLY provider that will help you generate business! Getting your license is one thing but what you really need is to have the resources to generate massive amounts of income as a licensed MLO!

That’s why doing business with My Mortgage Trainer makes more sense than looking up another CUT RATE provider you may find online. The old adage of ‘you get what you pay for’ is true and when you do business with us not only will you get what you pay for (fantastic results) you will get much, much more!

In fact, when you do your pre license education with us:

  • You are automatically qualified to take part in our online mobile based virtual network platform – get hot leads directly to your mobile device – its a real referral making machine at your fingertips! And its yours FREE when you do your education with us!
  • You are automatically qualified to go the extra few steps and become VERIFIED through our platform.  In fact 1/2 of your tuition for the pre license course is credited back to you when you get VERIFIED!  Once VERIFIED, you can take advantage of using the service mark in competition as well as be introduced to consumers looking to buy or refinance when hitting our consumer awareness social media marketing campaigns that are used to promote our VERIFIEDmlo’s. That’s right, we promote you!


Check out our NMLS Approved available webinar dates:

Keep in mind, some states require additional state specific pre license education, you may see those states by clicking here and adding them to your order.

MMT’s Tardiness Policy & Technical Requirements.

The SAFE Act requires students to complete a specific number of hours of instruction on various topics and the NMLS expects course providers to meet the minimum number of hours for which a course is approved. In order to meet these guidelines, set by the SAFE Act and NMLS, My Mortgage Trainer takes the following stance on tardiness. First, webinars are held with a scheduled start and end time. You are expected to log-in to the webinar for the scheduled start time and stay present and engaged in the webinar for the duration of the course. Per NMLS guidelines, if you miss more than 10 minutes of the instruction, we are required to remove you from the course and you will be asked to retake the course from the beginning. Per NMLS guidelines, My Mortgage Trainer will not tolerate any of the following practices:

  • Allowing student(s) to chronically start a course or to return from breaks late. If you are more than 10 minutes late, plan on taking the next offered course. If you are more than 10 minutes late returning from a break, you will have to restart the course over again.

  • Allowing a student to begin and/or to return after he/she/they has missed a percentage of a course. If you have to miss any portion of the course because of an emergency or personal reason, you will have to retake the course from the beginning, and will not receive any course credit for the time you did spend in the webinar.

  • Allowing a student who may have missed a percentage of the course to make-up just the missed portion later. If you miss any portion of the course, you will not be able to make up just the portion you missed. You will have to retake the entire course from the beginning.

Students must have an acceptable internet connection and as of June 6, 2022 be visible on camera from at least the shoulders up for the duration of the course instruction. If connection issues occur, the student is expected to proactively communicate issues to the instructor or facilitator immediately. An effort will be made to reconnect the student. If a student is unable to regain connection for a prolonged period (longer than 10 minutes), they must be removed from the class and be rescheduled to another class.

Please note that students must be logged into webinars from a device deemed acceptable by the NMLS. Such devices include desktop computers, laptops, and tablets, if it has all the same compatibilities as a desktop and/or laptop (camera, keyboard, ect.) Cellphones are not an acceptable device.