BioSig-ID™ Authentication

In accordance with NMLS guidelines and requirements for all NMLS approved course providers students must complete an identity verification process during all continuing education courses. This verification is processed by BioSig-ID™, a third-party BioMetric Signature service.

If you haven’t created your BioSig-ID password (this is your first time you’ve heard of this) don’t worry it is quick and easy! My Mortgage Trainer will send your NMLS ID, Name, and other information needed to create your BioSig-ID™ account to the BioSig-ID™ web site. Clicking the Green button below will send you to the BioSig-ID™ web site where you’ll create your password by drawing it with your mouse.

We strongly recommend using a simple password as you will have to re-draw it multiple times during this, and all future CE courses.

See the example in the image…

For additional information about BioSig-ID™ and other help resources see the section below.

NOTE: The above is only an example. You must enter the BioSig-ID™ password you created. My Mortgage Trainer does not own BioSig-ID™. This is a third-party verification service required by the NMLS for all CE providers. We do not have access to reset or tell you what your password is. If you need help with the BioSig-ID™ system you must contact the NMLS at (855) 665-7123 M-F 9:00AM to 9:00PM Eastern Time or open a supprot ticket through the NMLS Help Desk. (Scroll to the bottom of the page to open a ticket!)

Attention Kentucky Processors: If do not have an NMLS issued ID use the following format. KY followed by your 10 digit mobile or home phone number. Do not use a work or office number that may be used by others. Example: KY9095551212

Attention Habitat for Humanity Employees: If you do not have an NMLS issued ID use the following format: The two letter abbreviation for your state followed by a dash (-) then your full email address, no spaces. ( I.E. ).

BioSig-ID™ Help Desk

If you need assistance with tasks such as creating your initial BioSig-ID™ password, or resetting your password check out the BioSig-ID™ NMLS Help Desk

(Scroll to the bottom of the page to open a ticket!)

Support Hotline

For support via phone you may contact the NMLS Call Center toll-free at (855) 665-7123 M-F 9:00AM to 9:00PM Eastern Time.