Elective Continuing Education Requirements for MLO's

Overview of Elective MLO CE Requirements

Let’s explore the Elective Continuing Education Requirements for MLO’s. In order to renew any MLO license, you must complete 8 hours of NMLS-approved continuing education annually, starting from the year you obtained your license (unless you completed Pre-licensing education in the same year). This comprehensive education focuses on federal law, ethics, non-traditional mortgage lending, and elective instruction.

The Elective CE Requirement

Annual continuing education must include 3 hours of federal law, 2 hours of ethics, 2 hours of instruction on non-traditional mortgage lending, and 1 hour of elective content. Our elective CE courses are designed to fulfill the requirement for one hour of instruction on elective content.

License Renewal

Along with completing continuing education, you must actively attest that your records are current, submit your renewal request, and pay the necessary renewal fees through NMLS. To facilitate the application process, check out the NMLS Resource Center for Annual Renewal Information Checklists, which offer guidance and assistance for the renewal process.

View the Annual Renewal Checklist

At a Glance

  • Total CE Required: 8 Hours
  • Elective CE: 1 Hour
  • Renewal Fee: Varies by State
  • Renewal Deadline: Varies by State
  • Recommended Deadline: Nov 1st
  • New CBC Required? Varies by State
  • New Credit Report Required? Varies by State

Get Started with Your SAFE8 CE

To fulfill your federal CE requirement, you have various options available. You can choose to complete either our online self-study SAFE7 or SAFE8 courses. Alternatively, you can satisfy the requirement by participating in one of our engaging SAFE8 CE Webinars. These NMLS Approved Webinars offer the convenience of completing your CE in a single session. Led by our dynamic trainer, Uncle Aaron, these webinars are interactive, fast-paced, and packed with valuable content.

If you still need to complete your annual 8 hours of SAFE education, you can click here to explore our 7 & 8 Hour SAFE CE options. It’s worth noting that our SAFE 7 & 8 hour courses are valid and accepted in all 50 states, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands.

Completing Your Elective Continuing Education Requirements

As previously mentioned, annual continuing education must include 1 hour of elective content. Our elective CE courses are designed to fulfill the requirement for one hour of instruction on elective content. Elective CE courses are also useful when licensed in a state such as New Jersey, where there is a requirement for 3 hours of elective CE.  You can view our online self-study options below.

Additional Tips for License Renewal

The deadline for completing CE is in most states is December 31st. However, some states have an earlier CE deadline. It is important to know what your states CE and renewal deadline is. It is also important to note that MLOs are not allowed to submit a license renewal application unless they have fulfilled the CE requirement. Since it can take up to seven (7) days for course providers to report course completions to NMLS, MLOs are strongly advised against waiting until the last minute to complete their CE. Failure to do so may result in being unable to submit the renewal application on time. In fact, the recommended date to renew your license is November 1st.

To support you throughout the license renewal process, we have created informative videos that cover topics such as the license renewal process, Mortgage CE FAQs, and how to verify your compliance with the annual CE requirement through your NMLS account. These resources are designed to assist you in your license renewal journey. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel for more great tips and industry-related news!