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7 Hour SAFE Core: Staying Compliant in Today’s Regulatory Landscape (#15830)

The NMLSR has approved this Online Self Study (OSS) 7 Hour SAFE Core Continuing Education Course. This course will focus on Staying Compliant in Today’s Regulatory Landscape. It is tailored to address federal law, ethics, non-traditional mortgage guidance, and relevant information mandated by the continuing education requirements outlined in the SAFE Act of 2008. With timed modules, this OSS course allows students to navigate at their own pace. Upon enrollment, students will receive a confirmation email with login details and the necessary technology requirements to begin the course.

7 Hour SAFE Course Required Content

The course content follows a structured format, including:

  • Three (3) hours dedicated to Federal law and regulations.
  • Two (2) hours focused on ethics, covering instruction on fraud, consumer protection, and fair lending standards.
  • Two (2) hours allocated for training on lending standards in the nontraditional mortgage product marketplace.

This course focuses solely on federal core requirements. To meet the mandatory 8 hours of annual continuing education, you may complete one hour of elective content through any NMLS-approved state-specific. Or, you may complete any 1-hour NMLS-approved elective course.

7 Hour SAFE OSS Course Content

The course addresses NMLS required CE topics for 2024. The required topics have been ranked 1-10 by the Multi-State Mortgage Committee (MMC). Additionally, this course will focus on specific topics such as The Truth-in-Lending Act, The Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act, and The Fair Credit Reporting Act. The course will also provide instruction on The Equal Credit Opportunity Act, Ethics in the Industry, Fraud, Consumer Protection, Fair Lending Issues, and Nontraditional Mortgage Products.
Importantly, this is a newly introduced 7-hour SAFE Core course, enabling both new and existing clients to complete it without violating the NMLS’ successive year rule.

Furthermore, Online Self Study Courses offer the flexibility to log in and out based on your schedule. This allows you to complete your NMLS required Continuing Education at your preferred pace. It’s crucial to recognize that, depending on your licensing location, additional State-required CE may be necessary. For easy access to the list of individual States and their specific requirements, please consult our comprehensive course catalog.