8 Hour Continuing Education – Online Self Study

Although we firmly believe you would enjoy the live webinar version of this course we understand that some students need more flexibility.  Online Self Study Courses allow you to have the flexibility of logging in and out as your schedule allows in order to complete your NMLS required Continuing Education. Keep in mind, you may need to do additional State required CE depending on where you are licensed. A list of individual States are conveniently located in our course catalog. Be sure and check your state requirements to be certain you are ordering all of the CE needed to renew in your specific State.

Below you will find the existing 7 and 8 hour online CE courses currently approved by the NMLS in order to complete your required education. Choose your course and log in when you are ready to begin. Keep in mind, most states have state specific CE requirements as well, click here to view those states.

NMLS SMART Renewal Deadlines:

  • Smart Deadline: CE Course Reported to NMLS by December 10th, 2021
  • At Risk to Miss Deadline Renewal: Course Reported to NMLS on or after December 17th, 2021
  • Guaranteed to Miss Renewal Deadline: Course Reported to NMLS on December 31st
NMLS Renewal Period: 

You can complete your education anytime before November 1st, but you will not be able to renew your license until November 1st, 2021. Conversely, the renewal period ends December 31st, 2021.


8 Hour SAFE Comprehensive: MLO Continuing Education Course (#12584)



7 Hour SAFE Core: MLO Continuing Education Course (#12585)