Continuing Education (CE)

CE is required for those seeking renewal of existing licenses not a new license

As a licensed MLO, you must complete at least 8 hours of NMLS approved Continuing Education from an NMLS approved provider on an annual basis in order to renew your state license. Keep in mind you may use the same provider but you may not take the same course in successive years. With My Mortgage Trainer, that’s not a problem, we submit NEW COURSES EVERY YEAR!
In addition, there are multiple states that will also require some additional state hours over and above your federally required 8.  If you are already familiar with what you need, feel free to order your course(s) from our site. If not, please reach out at 317 566 0425, we exist to help!

I want someone to bore me for 8 hours... said no MLO Ever"

If you’ve had a gap licensure the NMLS may require you to complete Late CE in addition to your current year CE requirements. We recommend you contact the NMLS to discuss your unique situation, then call us and one of our education specialists will assist you in selecting the Late CE courses you need. If you already know which Late CE courses you need click here to select your courses.

Individual State CE

Individual State CE Map

1 hour CE requirement

2 hour CE requirement

3 hour CE requirement

4 hour CE requirement

5 hour Post License requirement

No PE requirement

If you’re already a licensed MLO you’ll be required to complete a minimum of 8 hours of continuing education annually. Many states have their own CE requirements in addition to the Federal 8 hour requirement.

For those only licensed in a single state that has at least a 1 hour CE requirement, you may elect to take the 7 hour Federal CE course plus your state CE course. 

A few states have exceptions to the above, or have requirements beyond the federal and state CE hours.

New York has an 11 hour CE requirement which must include the 8 hour version of the Federal CE course plus the 3 hour state course.

New Jersey has a 12 hour CE requirement which must include 2 hours of NJ CE, at least 2 hours of electives ( which may be other state CE courses or Federal electives), plus the Federal CE course.

If you’re not sure which CE courses you need to take, or which courses can serve as electives speak with one of our education specialist for a streamlined continuing education solution!

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